Food And Beverage


Full Time

Job summary

Establishes the highest standards within each food and beverage outlets, maintains and keeps such standards under review in line with budgeted sales and cost levels. Synchronizes the operations of the food and beverage outlets and in conjunction with all other departments within the hotel to achieve a high level of guest satisfaction.


•      Reports directly to the Superior on duty.

•      To inject enthusiasm and give an efficient friendly service.

•      To do the utmost in promoting maximum sales.

•      To be professional, co-operative with staff.  Be a good team member and agree to carry out instructions given by your superior.

•      To forward any suggestion which will help the department move forward.

•      To follow the opening and closing procedures.

•      To be responsible for all money transactions, cash float and billing procedures.

•      To remain updated with the current standards and instructions and to have the commitment to develop your own skills by taking positive interest in all training conducted.

•      To ensure that the proper hygiene standards are adhered to at all times.

•      To inform the superior on duty of any fall in service of food and beverage or of any customer dissatisfaction so corrective action may be taken.

•      To follow daily cleaning schedules and any other duties assigned by the superior.

•      To adhere to all company rules and regulations.

•      Comply with Company Grooming Standards.

•      Comply with Time and Attendance Policies.

•      Actively participate in training and development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development.    

•      Demonstrate understanding and awareness of all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Safety

•      Familiarize him/herself with emergency and evacuation procedures

•      Ensure all security incidents, accidents are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention of the superiors.

•      Co-operates with the team and members of management and be supportive and loyal to the company.

•      Meets any other request given by the Food and Beverage Manager / Superiors.


•      A good standard of education.

•      Fluency in English

•      Previous working experience on this field.

•      Able to work on his/her own initiative and take decisions when not supervised.

•      Willing and able to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays, not allowed to work at competing bars/restaurants

•      Team worker and takes initiative

Interested candidates are requested to send a detailed CV together with a covering letter to


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