Chef Tournant

Full Time

Job summary

Being a direct link between the Head Chef & the Sous Chefs and his/her assigned production areas. Achieving the objectives through communication, organization and training.


•      Ensuring all food is correctly prepared fresh, of the highest quality, to the correct recipe and in the correct quantity.

•      Maintains an organized and efficient flow of production, with regards to changes in forecasts and menus.

•      Overseeing the kitchen staff as a middle manager.

•      Being a “hands-on” supervisor who leads his/her team by example.

•      Ensures development of team members through on-going training. Coaches team members immediately and professionally to minimize deficiencies and provide encouragement.

•      Ensuring that all stocks are kept under optimum conditions.

•      Ensures proper rotation, storage temperatures, and proper storing procedures are observed

•      Ensuring that supplies and inventories are readily available.

•      Consistently checks temperatures in foods and follows proper procedures in regards to chilling, re-heating, and holding food.

•      Checks outlet(s) upon arrival to determine status of outstanding safety, or equipment issues.

•      Checks outlet(s) prior to leaving to ensure cleanliness, proper disposal/removal of food, and proper storing and labelling. 

•      Ensuring that all safety and environmental protection regulations are followed.

•      To ensure all communication, standards, policies, and expectations are communicated to the team and then executed flawlessly.


•      Team worker and takes initiative and decisions when not supervised

•      A good standard of education

•      Fluency in English

•      Previous working experience on this field

•      Willing to work flexible hours including weekends

Interested candidates are requested to send a detailed CV to

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