Vacancy Malta

Logistics Manager

Full Time

Job summary

The main responsibility of this role is the day-to-day purchasing of materials/tools and ensuring that stock movements and other expenses are properly recorded.To liaise with the Purchasing Business Unit for the unit to identify, negotiate and agree rates with suppliers/ sub-contractors.



  • Provide direction to the storekeeper to carry out the daily tasks in an efficient manner thereby ensuring the smooth operation at the lowest cost. You are to ensure that stocks are properly stored, secured and controlled.
  • To implement a minimum re-ordering level system as directed from time to time.
  • To supervise the storekeeper/purchasing clerk in issuing purchase orders and ensure that company’s purchasing policies and procedures are adhered to. To implement procedures to ensure proper control of power tools, loose tools and other equipment.
  • To introduce a vehicle/plant preventive maintenance program and ensure it is followed by the mechanic.
  • To supervise the storekeeper in implementing the conversion to the IT system.
  • To ensure that the timings of all employees reporting at stores are recorded in the Time and Attendance system and ensure these are checked on a daily basis.
  • To issue and analyse any reports that might be required from time to time.
  • To be present when doing stocktaking to record and report accordingly.
  • To take environmentally friendly initiatives.


  • Discuss and analyse the bill of quantities and methodology adopted during the tendering process before works start on site
  • Identify cost saving measures and discuss with the operations manager and site foreman to reflect such measures in the program of works.
  • Periodically inspect construction sites to ensure deadlines are being followed, resources are properly allocated and wastages are kept to the minimum.
  • To setup regular meetings with the Operations Manager and site foreman of all sites to analyse costs and progress and revise plans where necessary.
  • To point out any shortcomings/observations to the Operations Manager and follow up to ensure these are rectified.
  • To assist in establishing and checking purchases specifications and periodically review them to make sure that they are followed.
  • Actively participate in training and development programmes and maximise opportunities for self-development.
  • Ensure all security incidents, accidents are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention of your superior.
  • Assist in the implementation of a proiect related performance incentive scheme as directed.
  • To perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


  • Post-Secondary educational level.
  • Preferably a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a similar role.
  • Possess leadership, communication, and team management skills.
  • Possess organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple initiatives and projects.
  • Able to work under pressure and holds a results-driven personality.
  • Proven ability to manage budgets and expenditure.
  • Demonstrate ability to think creatively and independently.

  Interested candidates are requested to send a CV, together with a covering letter to



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