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Annual Football Tournament

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Playing the Game for a Good Cause


No doubt, a charity team building exercise can bring people together and this tournament does just that and in addition, collects funds for our own foundation. This tournament was an opportunity for some healthy competition between staff from all AX sectors; from development to health care, from construction to hospitality.

Apart from raising funds for this foundation, which helps AX Group employees when in need, this tournament was helpful for employees to mingle in a relaxing and amicable environment outside the normal workplace.

Romina Pace, AX Hotels HR Manager said “we can strengthen the bond between colleagues, reduce stress and get to know one another outside the office. We strongly believe that these social activities are essential and beneficial to constantly enhance team building and improve relations at work but moreover to raise funds for a non-profit organisation such as AX Foundation. We trust that events like this contribute to the most important asset of our business – our employees.”

AX The Victoria were the winners of this year’s tournament, winning the decisive and final match. They are definitely on a winning streak as it’s their fifth consecutive tournament win in a row. AX Construction came second. Many staff members, family and friends attended this football tournament, with the latter also contributing to increase funds for AX Foundation.


Article written by Anika Gatt Seretny, Public Relations Executive at AX Group

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