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AX Foundation Hosts Dinner Dedicated to Invisible Disabilities

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On Saturday 19th of October, AX Foundation held a fundraising dinner at AX The Palace.

AX Foundation was first founded in 2006, with the aim of supporting AX employees’ families who may be experiencing social, mental or physical difficulties – as well as to assist other philanthropic NGOs. AX Foundation has since introduced its first project related to the autism spectrum.

The dinner turned out to be a great success, having resulted in a sum of €4,140 being raised on the evening, with all proceeds going towards the AX Foundation’s project in aid of people with Invisible Disabilities.

All those in attendance enjoyed a truly marvelous evening. Hosted at the hotel’s Royal Hall, the event filled up nicely, while the most pleasurable of music was played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

“We are here today to raise awareness of Invisible Disabilities, a cause that is very close to our hearts. AX Foundation’s first project will be focusing on helping children with autism, and all proceeds will go toward funding a training programme so that Malta’s educators can be in a better position to take care and educate young ones who may be suffering in silence,”said Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, AX Foundation Chairperson.

Ms Xuereb went on to say, “We’d like to say a special thank you to all of our guests for attending our first fundraising dinner for our new project. We’re so pleased that this event has been a success and we are confident that through this initiative, we will be able to help people on the autism spectrum, as well as their educators and families, to develop into independent adults.”

AX Foundation is continuously expanding and raising funds to invest in awareness for Invisible Disabilities. Guests at AX Hotels are invited to contribute small donations to help the cause.

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