Students Careers’ Day

Students Careers’ Day

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AX Careers introduces students to professional life at AX Hotels

On the 28 November 2019, AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest hosted a group of students from St. Clare’s College, Pembroke. Teachers and 13 students from Year 9 attended a Career’s Day at the hotel, during which they were exposed to the many different departments that operate within the hospitality industry.

“Apart from formal education, we think that it is crucial for children to learn hand-on-skills that would be necessary for them in their future place of work. To do this, it is important that students know what jobs they want to aspire to carry out as they grow older,” said Mr Joe Vella, General Manager of AX Hotels Qawra.

Students arrived at 08.30 hrs and were greeted by the Human Resources Department, before being given a show around of the hotel, including the different types of rooms, outlets and event spaces. Later, the students had an informal meeting with all of the hotel’s Heads of Departments, who introduced themselves and their jobs. The students were then able to ask questions to individual Heads of Departments, in order to learn more about their roles and activities within the hospitality sector.

“Since the hospitality industry is so diverse and rewarding, we know that many children will be interested in learning about the work that goes into running a successful hotel, so we are proud to be hosting the first group of students from St Clare’s College today!”, said Mr Vella.

Then, the students were given the opportunity to experience the different departments in operation, learning about the different day-to-day duties of the staff. The job exposure involved the departments of Reception, Marketing, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Finance, Events, Reservations, Bars & Restaurants, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security.

Students Careers’ Day

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