Dorianne D’Anastasi

Billing & Accounts Officer

How have you grown personally since joining AX?

I practically grew up with the company as Hilltop Gardens had just opened when I joined AX in 2015. My goal was always to come work at Hilltop. I started from Head of Reception, gave a helping hand in the Events Department and F&B and aided in the Administration of Physiotherapy. Then I went on to Billing and now my position is that of a Billing & Accounts Officer. I’ve always shown initiative and I strive to be better every day.

How has working at AX inspired you?

Working at AX has inspired me to work harder and continue studying. I’m currently furthering my studies in accounts and the management have been of great help and support throughout this journey. I have always been willing to learn and working with this company has given me the motivation to widen my career path.

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