PA to the Chairman / Manager Administration

 What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of working with AX?

In my 30 years of working at AX, I’ve been part of the Group’s growth throughout the years. I work closely with Mr Angelo Xuereb, the Chairman of the Group, and I’ve experienced his great vision and seen a lot of first-of-a-kind projects materialise. I’ve learnt a lot about the various sectors such as hospitality, construction, property development and healthcare.

How has working at AX inspired you?

Firstly, I’ve learnt to never look at a glass as half empty but as half full. We are constantly receiving training and we are always investing in the latest technology which keeps us up to date. Working at AX for all this time has helped me to face challenges and problems, both at work and in my personal life, head-on and not with a defeatist attitude.

Caroline Schembri

Operations Manager at AX Construction Ltd

What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of working with AX?

I started as an apprentice with AX Construction, 26 years ago, and I feel that I owe my experience and knowledge to the company. Being my first job, it came with its challenges but that only helped in building up a strong personality. I don’t consider going to work as a necessity. It feels like going home.

How has working at AX inspired you?

I’m constantly in awe of how much the company has managed to achieve over the years. This constantly inspires me to open my horizons and grow further in my career. Maybe I’ll manage my own company instead of retiring. Who knows?!

Chris Micallef

Billing & Accounts Officer

How have you grown personally since joining AX?

I practically grew up with the company as Hilltop Gardens had just opened when I joined AX in 2015. My goal was always to come work at Hilltop. I started from Head of Reception, gave a helping hand in the Events Department and F&B and aided in the Administration of Physiotherapy. Then I went on to Billing and now my position is that of a Billing & Accounts Officer. I’ve always shown initiative and I strive to be better every day.

How has working at AX inspired you?

Working at AX has inspired me to work harder and continue studying. I’m currently furthering my studies in accounts and the management have been of great help and support throughout this journey. I have always been willing to learn and working with this company has given me the motivation to widen my career path.

Dorianne D’Anastasi

F&B Service Manager

 What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of working with AX?

I joined the group on the 18th June of 2007 so I’ve been working with AX for 10 years now. I started out as a supervisor at The Tabloid and then moved on to an F&B Executive. I’m now an F&B Service Manager for both hotels. The best thing about working with this company is that they believe in their own staff and the support is endless, especially when I had both of my children.

How has working at AX inspired you?

Working at AX has given me confidence and inspiration to train my own team. The company showed me all the trust and support I needed to grow. One thing’s for sure, we’re here to work but we treat each other like family. It’s been a great experience working here and I have absolutely no regrets.

Mr Mark Zammit

General Manager at The Palace and The Victoria Hotel

How have you grown personally since joining AX?

I have been working with AX Hotels for the last 17 years. It has been a long but rewarding journey. The company gave me a great career path. I started from the position of a receptionist and slowly worked my way up. I am grateful to the company for taking the decision to invest in me and my skills. I grew in my position a number of times because I was ambitious. I learnt about the importance of working within a team and how to also build one. I feel that working with AX  has provided me with the perfect opportunity to work with one of Malta’s leading hotel groups. I feel extremely proud to form part of this team.

How has working at AX inspired you?

Working my way up at AX, I have looked up to various role models who inspired me to be the best I can be. Inspiration did not solely come from the management but also from fellow colleagues who had the right skills, approach and drive. I now strive to be of inspiration to other, up and coming individuals, in the company.

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