A Diversified Company that Champions Career Development


Borislava Bayyumi, Head of Recruitment at AX Group

At AX Group, we provide our people with more than just jobs and paycheques. We provide fulfilling careers across a diverse range of positions and industries. Whether it’s in construction, hospitality, healthcare, or within one of our admin teams, we love nothing more than to give our employees the opportunity to reach their full potential, wherever that may lie. That’s why we actively support our people in any way we can throughout their journey with us. We truly believe that when you succeed, we succeed.

While we do our utmost to help you shine and stretch your wings, we can never truly know where your passions lie or how you wish to further you career exactly. To help us better support you, we encourage open dialogue about career development. Our management and HR teams are always happy to sit down with you to listen to your career goals and find ways to help you achieve them.

Do you have an ambition to progress your career but are unsure how to go about it? Here’s how you can help us support your career growth at AX Group.


1 – Discuss your career ambitions during your interview process

 We don’t simply hire candidates who are right for the job. We hire candidates who have the potential to go far within our company. That’s why we love to hear about your long-term career ambitions during your initial interview process with us. This will give us a clearer insight into how you could contribute to our company down the road. We also encourage job candidates to ask us about our career development opportunities. We want you to have a solid understanding of how a career with AX Group can help you fulfil your goals and potential.

By understanding how you wish to grow and evolve in your career at the interview stage, we can map out a way forward together, right from the start.


2 – Ask for a one-to-one meeting

 Not everyone has a distinct idea of where they want their career to head from the get-go. Sometimes it takes a while to discover a passion or skill that sparks a new interest. So, if you’re already some years into your career with AX Group and suddenly find an urge to progress in a new direction, we invite you to sit down with your manager or a member from HR to discuss your goals.

We believe in investing in our people. This applies doubly to employees who have already shown their worth and dedication to the company. Through your one-to-one meeting we can understand what it is you want to achieve and find practical ways to support you in getting there.


3 – Enquire about mentorship and job shadowing opportunities

 One of the great aspects about working at a leading corporation like AX Group is that we have a diverse and multi-talented team who possess skills in all sorts of specialist trades and professions. As a company that actively promotes knowledge sharing among our teams, we encourage employees to reach out and learn from one another. So, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, there’s no one better to ask for mentorship than the people you already work alongside who are experts in their field.

This also applies to employees wishing to make a lateral move within other AX business units. Perhaps you work in hospitality but have a knack for social media marketing. Or say you’re in construction but have a passion for food and cooking. If you have an interest in a different line of work entirely, we’d be happy to find suitable opportunities for you to shadow the relevant teams or individuals. This will give you a clearer understanding of the skills and knowledge required for the job, how you could potentially fit into the team, and provide you with an indication of whether the role really matches your ultimate career goals.


4 – Upskill with the right training

 If you’re really serious about progressing in your career, you may need to upskill with further training and qualifications. To that end we launched the AX Academy, which specialises in the development of our people. By actively supporting our people in their career advancement through training and accreditation, we encourage you to rise through the ranks and take on positions of greater responsibility within the Group.

Over the years, we have seen many junior employees show initiative and approach us about our upskilling programs. In fact, we’re proud to have employees who have worked for the Group for many years. We value potential and will back you all the way to provide you with the opportunities to grow and excel.


5 – Check out what job opportunities are available

 We also love to promote from within. That’s why we give all our existing employees the opportunity to apply for any open roles available within the wider Group. We promise to give you a fair interview process, which will also provide you with a platform to explain how and why this particular role is an ideal fit for your career ambitions. On previous occasions, we have shown a willingness to give employees a shot at taking on new roles within the Group. If we feel you possess the right mindset and attitude, we’ll train you up for the position and give you the support you need to take on this new challenge with confidence.

There are countless ways to further your career at AX Group. Just take a look at our many success stories and employee testimonials. All it takes is initiative and a proactive attitude. Remember, we’re always here to help. Schedule in a one-to-one meeting with us and let’s put your career strategy into action today.