Insights from AX Group Internships at AX Odycy Hotel, Qawra

Internships at AX Group act as a crucial link between academic knowledge and practical application which offers young professionals a valuable hands-on experience. Welcomed by management, our interns are introduced to various team members across divisions to become familiar with the organisation’s functions, visions and gain knowledge essential for their roles.

Beyond skill acquisition, at AX Group we place emphasis on career and personal development, which is essential for both individual growth and organisational success. Entering the workforce can be challenging for new joiners and for this reason, our career development program plays a pivotal role in strengthening our interns’ confidence. At AX Group we provide interns with the tools and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the professional world. “Confidence is not only crucial for personal growth but also for fostering a positive and productive work environment” commented Ms. Joseanne Tanti, Human Resources Manager at AX Hotels, Qawra.

During our career development initiatives, including workshops and mentorship programs, interns get to connect with experienced professionals, mentors, and peers across the various sectors of AX Group, opening doors to opportunities and providing insights into industry trends. Designed to enhance interns’ skills, our career development activities help them in setting realistic career goals, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future paths.

While technical skills are essential, we greatly value the soft skills of our people. And what better way to address these skills than by welcoming them in an environment where effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and contributions to a positive workplace culture are part of who we are. “At AX Group, the significance of career development extends beyond the internship period, we aim to help interns evolve into well-rounded professionals that can confidently contribute to a dynamic professional landscape” remarks Ms. Tanti.

Recently, three interns gained a six-month exposure at the newly refurbished AX ODYCY Hotel in Qawra and shared insights on their experience with us.


Deborah Boucher – Human Resources Intern

“This international experience at AX Odycy Hotel in Qawra was not only professionally enriching but also personally rewarding. From the moment I set foot at AX Group I was warmly welcomed by a positive and inclusive work environment. The multinational team I had the privilege to work with created an atmosphere that encouraged collaboration and cross-cultural understanding.

Working alongside seasoned professionals who provided me with feedback and guidance contributed significantly to my academic and personal growth and enhanced my understanding of the global job market. Networking events, workshops, and social gatherings were valuable opportunities to make new connections with professionals from various industries, opening doors to potential future collaborations and opportunities.

These experiences have provided me with a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond the technical aspects of my field. The positive atmosphere, diverse learning and networking opportunities, and cultural exposure I had the opportunity to be part of have all contributed to shaping my journey. Reflecting on this, I am grateful for the rewarding opportunity that has set the stage for a promising and globally oriented future.”


Alberto – IT Intern

“During my internship at AX Odycy Hotel I had the opportunity to interact with colleagues from various departments, each showcasing countless abilities with a great sense of respect and collaborative teamwork. The experience allowed me to acquire a diverse range of IT-related skills, encompassing everything from software usage to managing networks, configurations and more. Interacting with my colleagues in everyday conversations and collaborative efforts not only expanded my technical expertise but also contributed to improving my spoken English, broadening my understanding of technical matters.

The management at AX Group played a significant role in my professional growth by consistently offering support and guidance whenever needed. Their inclusive approach made me feel not just like an intern but an integral part of the team. Achieving the goals set during my internship and becoming immersed in the welcoming company culture at AX Group are moments of pride for me. The positive and supportive atmosphere fostered by both colleagues and management has truly made my experience at AX Odycy Hotel a fantastic one.”


Pasquale Rosato – IT Intern

“Throughout my internship at AX Group, management, and colleagues across different departments, were supportive, friendly and took the time to answer questions, making it a welcoming and enriching learning experience.

The cultural diversity within the team and across the different sectors added a valuable dimension to my time at AX Odycy Hotel in Qawra. This diversity gave me ample opportunities to form new friendships and gain insights into different cultures. Being part of a team with diverse nationalities and backgrounds for six months made me feel welcomed contributing to a smoother learning journey.

One particularly proud moment during my internship was when my tutor entrusted my colleague and me with the responsibility of developing a web page for all the AX Hotel’s televisions. Although the project is still in development stage, the daily progress makes me proud of my contribution, providing a sense of motivation, empowerment and belonging. I highly recommend this internship, not just for the valuable experience of working abroad, but also for the supportive and positive work environment I found at AX Group.”



Insights into the Managerial and Supervisory Induction Process at AX Group

At AX Group we recognise that the success of our organisation centres on the collective strength and expertise of our team across diverse business units. Our induction program is held regularly at the AX Business Centre to help new recruits at supervisory and managerial levels familiarise themselves with the Group; its vision, culture, operations and most of all, the people behind it all.

During these dedicated sessions, new team members are warmly welcomed by all senior management, including the Chairman, Directors, and Executive Management. These sessions feature insights from leaders in various functions from legal, finance, HR, information technology, to marketing. Each shedding light on their respective areas of responsibility contributing to a holistic understanding from a group-wide perspective.

We’re all about sharing knowledge and expertise, enabling new recruits to comprehend the strategic goals of AX Group and how each department adds its special touch to the organisation’s overall success. It’s not a one-way street; this inclusive approach aims to empower our new members and cultivate a sense of belonging within the organisation.

By facilitating interactions with the senior management team, we provide our new recruits a platform to establish valuable connections across different functions within AX Group. This isn’t just about handing them the tools for the job; it’s a two-way street. We want our new recruits to feel welcomed in a collaborative environment with a sense of camaraderie.

The induction process stands as the foundation of our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every new member of our team is well-prepared to contribute effectively to AX Group’s continued success.

Exploring Career Opportunities: French Students Visit AX Group

A group of students from the CFA Academie in France visited Malta to explore diverse job opportunities and broaden their career perspectives. Their visit was not just a chance to discover potential career paths but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and professional development.

The students, accompanied by their tutor together with Ms. Josephine Grima Head of Human Resources at AX Group, were welcomed at the AX Group Business Centre for an exclusive show-around the offices. The tour included a brief explanation of the functions of various departments operating at head office, offering a firsthand look at the dynamic environment within AX Group. Ms. Grima provided insight how individuals could carve out meaningful careers across diverse sectors through opportunities for growth, training programs, and mentorship initiatives.

Mr. Nicky Camilleri, Chief Operating Officer at AX Group, shared valuable insights into the Group’s diverse business and human resource portfolio. He spoke about the Group’s cross-industry presence, with involvement in sectors ranging from construction and hospitality to real estate and beyond, presenting various avenues for professional development within the Group. This included discussions on talent development initiatives, and the overall commitment to nurturing a skilled and motivated workforce.


A second group of students had the opportunity to exclusively visit the ODYCY Hotel in Qawra where they were also residing during their stay in Malta. This experience allowed them to witness back of house operations and gain insight into the world of hospitality that surpasses quality and customer expectations. Through a planned agenda of interactive sessions, the participants were encouraged to ask questions, obtaining a deeper understanding of the hotel’s vision and commitment to guest satisfaction.

These two experiences were made possible through the efforts of Kenneth Baldacchino, Managing Director of Event Solutions Malta by Vacations Malta Ltd. AX Group is committed to supporting educational initiatives that contribute to the development of future professionals. Through experiences like these, we aim to inspire and guide the next generation, helping them make informed decisions about their career paths. We look forward to more such collaborative initiatives that bridge the gap between education and practical knowledge.


Leveraging ESG to Create Value: A Shift in Leadership Mindset

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the pursuit of enduring success has taken centre stage. For years, enterprises have optimized operations through established models like Porter’s Value Chain, primarily focused on their bottom line. However, as the world shifts towards Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in business decision-making, we face a pivotal question: Should business leaders disrupt well-established routines? And where does the true value of ESG lie?


Unearthing Value through Disruption:

Traditionally, businesses have been reluctant to disrupt functioning routines, but value can emerge through disruptive initiatives, especially within the realms of ESG and business transformation. ESG signifies a critical paradigm shift, emphasizing profits alongside broader responsibilities towards the environment, society, and governance. So, how can we persuade business leaders to embrace this change?


ESG’s Multi-Dimensional Value:


Beneath the surface, ESG practices are inherently value-driven and definitely not disruptive. ESG performance increasingly influences funding costs; businesses excelling in ESG will find it easier to secure capital at lower costs, while those with poor records may face higher interest rates and stringent terms. A clear and direct detriment to businesses’ longevity and prosperity.

Furthermore, ESG practices tackle pressing global challenges like resource scarcity and environmental consequences. Poor ESG practices can lead to resource shortages as well as increased costs due carbon-related expenses resulting from CO2 emissions, including ‘carbon taxes’ and reputational damage among others.

As consumer preferences evolve, businesses that fail to adapt to ESG requirements risk having products and services rendered obsolete, as is looming in the shift from traditional diesel engines to sustainable alternatives in the automobile industry.




The ‘G’ in ESG: Governance’s Pivotal Role:

The ‘G’ in ESG represents Governance, a cornerstone for driving change within organizations. History furnishes us with a pertinent illustration from the banking sector, where efforts were made to mitigate risks stemming from high-risk endeavours undertaken by executives in the quest for profitability. As part of their strategic measures, ECB, emphasised on reforming executive and board compensation structures.  In an environment where ESG initiatives may be seen as counterproductive by leaders pursuing bottom line results it is high time to focus on strategic measures for ESG to be prioritised.

Among other measures, shareholders should push for performance assessment metrics that include ESG metrics to establish executive pay as well as providing ESG champions with direct access to the board.



Executive remuneration.

To establish a culture of ESG responsibility among business leaders, organizations should implement a robust system of ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that carry significant weight alongside traditional financial metrics. The integration of ESG KPIs is essential for driving meaningful change within an organization.

  • Penalizing Poor Performing Managers: In cases where executives exhibit subpar ESG performance, it is imperative to impose internal penalties that directly impact the financial performance of their respective divisions. These penalties should extend to their performance bonuses, creating a direct link between ESG goals and financial outcomes. This approach aligns the interests of business leaders with the organization’s commitment to sustainable practices, reinforcing the urgency of ESG responsibilities.
  • Rewarding Excellence: To further incentivize ESG excellence, penalties imposed on underperforming divisions can be strategically redirected to lower the financing costs of high-performing ESG divisions. By reducing the financial burden on these exemplary divisions, this approach not only acknowledges and motivates those driving ESG initiatives but also enhances their profitability. Ultimately, this financial reward system encourages managers to prioritize ESG goals, ensuring that sustainable practices become integral to their division’s success.


In this way, the strategic use of ESG KPIs not only holds business leaders accountable for their environmental, social, and governance responsibilities but also actively promotes a culture of sustainability, where achieving ESG targets is not just a moral obligation but a route to enhanced financial performance and success. This measure may initially seem harsh, but it becomes necessary in organizations where managers fail to understand the importance of ESG, driving home the critical connection between responsible business practices and overall success.


In a world where short-term gains are no longer sustainable, businesses must pivot toward ESG and business transformation for lasting value creation. The key to this shift’s success lies in reshaping the mindset of business leaders. linking ESG KPIs to financial consequences is one way to persuade business leaders to embrace ESG principles, not merely as a moral obligation but as a strategic necessity for shareholder wealth and long-term sustainability. It’s time to redefine success in business by uniting around the common goal of a more sustainable future.

Nurturing a Thriving Workplace at AX Group

“In a company with over 1,000 employees, maintaining personal connections might seem challenging, but at AX Group, we prioritise creating an environment where every team member feels respected, appreciated, and integral to the company’s success”, commented Josephine Grima, Head of Human Resources at AX Group. Josephine shared her insights during a captivating panel discussion on employee retention at the Malta Chamber of SMEs Conference 2023.

As a family-run business, diversity and inclusivity are firmly embedded in AX Group’s values, a commitment reflected not only in our business portfolio but also in our multicultural workforce. Our open-door policy, extending from top executives to management, promotes transparent communication and interaction among all staff members.


Cultivating Open Communication and Celebrating Achievements

We believe that communication is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace. Through various channels such as Quarterly Townhall meetings, regular staff meetings, and ‘Let’s Talk’ sessions, we strive to keep our employees informed about company-wide developments and encourage their valuable contributions. Acknowledging individual and team accomplishments is pivotal to maintaining a positive workplace culture at AX Group, and we take pride in initiatives such as the annual AX Awards Night, Employee of the Month recognition, and Employee Spotlights featured on our AX Careers and Knowledge Centre platforms.


Building Teams: Nurturing and Attracting the Right Fit

Josephine emphasises the importance of understanding our employees’ aspirations. “Through one-on-one sessions, we delve into their expectations for personal growth and development within the Group. Creating tailored development plans is instrumental in helping our people enhance their skills and forge meaningful career paths to reach their full potential.”

“Retaining our talented individuals is yet another important aspect; it is not a destination but a continuous journey whereby we remain dedicated to fostering a positive employee experience through regular feedback, ample growth opportunities, and an inclusive environment,” she continued. This commitment ensures that each team member feels valued from day one.

Addressing the challenge of finding individuals with the right practical skills and cultural fit in today’s labour market is a priority across the Group. We tackle this challenge through a multifaceted approach, including strengthening our employer branding, leveraging employee referrals, utilizing various recruitment channels, and establishing partnerships with educational institutions, including MCAST, ITS, and the University of Malta.


Extending a Helping Hand Beyond the Office

Our commitment to giving back to society and extending that sense of community beyond the office is evident in the diverse social activities we organise. The annual calendar of events is designed to celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and offer a platform for employees to share experiences and forge meaningful connections. Whether it’s social activities, cultural celebrations, team building events or CSR initiatives, these activities contribute to a vibrant and supportive work culture, fostering interaction among employees beyond their immediate work circles.

In embracing these principles, here at AX Group, our dedication remains firm in creating a workplace that truly values every team member, appreciates our diverse strengths, and empowers each individual to contribute their best. Josephine concludes that “in essence, nurturing a thriving work environment is not just a goal—it’s who we are. It’s about creating a place where you matter, where your unique contribution is celebrated, and where our collective success is built on the strength of each one of us”.


Internships at AX Hotels Sliema.

In this article, we invite you to explore the world of interns at AX Hotels, Sliema. Through the first-hand experiences and stories of our interns, you’ll gain valuable insights into the dynamic work culture at AX Hotels. Dive into the enriching narratives that lie ahead and discover more about these interns’ unique experiences.

Charlotte Acton – Events Department intern at AX The Palace

“My 3-month internship at AX Hotels Sliema was an experience as rich in learning as it was in emotions, working with my exceptional team and dedicated colleagues, Zsolt and Victoria, was an invaluable experience. They have been essential to my professional and personal development. They have been with me throughout this period of discovery and learning. Indeed, Zsolt, with his expertise and his patient, understanding attitude, was able to guide me throughout, at my own pace. I was able to learn from his skills in operational management and leadership, which enabled me to discover the right profile for an event manager and inspired me to develop further in these areas. Victoria also offered me invaluable support in my day-to-day tasks. Her warm and collaborative approach fostered a positive working environment where I was able to flourish and give the best of myself.

Secondly, the events organised by our team have been unique opportunities for me to learn and grow in the luxury hotel industry. From large receptions to conferences to beautiful weddings, I never stopped learning about every detail and complexity that an event requires, and I have very fond memories of them today. The many projects I’ve been involved in have given me a wealth of experience in event management and real-time problem-solving.

What’s more, in a warm and pleasant working environment, the AX hotel staff, from all departments, are always there to help you when you’re at a learning curve, as I was, and so I’d like to thank all the AX Hotels Sliema hotel staff for their help, which at the time seemed simple but which, for me, was a great help and made all the difference in carrying out my daily tasks and my unusual assignments.

All in all, my work placement at AX The Palace, AX The Victoria Hotel and The Palazzo Capua was an enriching experience that gave me important professional skills that I intend to develop and perfect in the future. I am very grateful to my team and colleagues for everything they have given me, and I am convinced that what I have learnt will stay with me throughout my career.”


Sietze Idenburg –  Front Office intern at AX The Victoria

“For the last 20 weeks, I worked as an intern at The AX Victoria Hotel as a Front Office Agent. From the moment I stepped through the hotel’s doors on my very first day, I embarked on a journey of learning and personal growth that has left an indelible mark on me. I’ve learned so much since my first day here, from practising my initial check-in with role-play with my fellow colleagues to handling 20 guest check-ins per day on my own. I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who made my time here even more enjoyable. I wish all my colleagues the best of luck in the future, and I would like to thank Mr. Charles Portelli for sharing his knowledge and experience with me. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the AX Victoria team, and I’m certain that I will visit again in the near future!”


Audrey Guilloux – Sales Department Intern at AX The Palace

“I am grateful for the opportunities, growth, and wonderful memories I had during my internship.

From day one I felt welcomed and supported by his AX Sliema team. The positive and friendly atmosphere at work made me fit in quickly and made me feel like a valued member of the team. I am grateful for the guidance of my colleagues who have generously contributed their knowledge and expertise to help me grow both personally and professionally.

One of the highlights of my internship was the relationships I developed with my fellow interns and colleagues. The camaraderie and teamwork made every day enjoyable and memorable. You made AX Hotels Sliema feel like a safe workspace for me, made me feel heard, and gave me the confidence to come up with new ideas.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on skills and valuable industry knowledge. Working in different departments has given me a comprehensive understanding of the hotel industry. I learned how to deal with real situations and improved my communication skills. My experience at AX Sliema has definitely contributed to my personal and professional growth and strengthened my desire to work in the hospitality industry.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at AX Sliema for their warm welcome, support and encouragement during my internship. It is an honour to be part of the AX Sliema team and I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me.”


In conclusion, the internships at AX Hotels Sliema have been transformative experiences, illuminating the path of success for these individuals in the dynamic world of hospitality. These intern stories highlight the value of dedicated colleagues and mentors who nurture growth in a collaborative work environment. Throughout their journey, these interns have gained valuable insights, learned to manage various events, and discovered the power of teamwork. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Charlotte, Sietze, and Audrey as they embark on their promising futures!

VELICHE Chocolate Exposure program in Belgium

I attended this exposure program with many other Pastry Chefs from Malta.  The experience was just amazing!

It was a 3 day exposure program whereby all participants were given a tour around the chocolate factory and we were given a lot of information with regards to the product itself, the chocolate grain, the supply and the process towards making the chocolate itself.  Veliche have 12 types of chocolates all with their unique style.  Needless to say, we were waiting for the opportunity to tickle our taste buds of course and the moment actually arrived! We all love chocolate but THIS was the ultimate experience.

Their Executive Pastry Chef delivered a lot of demonstrations regarding the variety of chocolate cakes and we also had the opportunity to work in small groups and experience the same type of cakes with their products.  Every group had a specific task with different types of chocolate and we had to deliver the final product to the Executive Pastry Chef.  The pressure was on!  We found our team members and engaged towards this challenge.  This involved lots of team work, discussion, creativity, sharing of ideas and product knowledge and needles to say the adrenaline rush that we as Pastry Chefs are presenting a final product to the Executive Pastry of of Veliche Company was on another level. 

We were given lectures related to the different type of Chocolate techniques for garnishes of which I will proudly display and deliver at AX Sliema. At the end of our stay, we were treated to a luxurious restaurant which complimented the experience especially when it came to the dessert! 

I must say this was an amazing opportunity, not only to experience such an exposure in Belgium but to also network with Maltese Pastry Chefs also and gain more knowledge which will surely help me become more successful in my line of duty. 


I am very grateful towards Executive Chef Joseph Xuereb and the Sliema Management for allowing me this opportunity.  An unforgettable experience indeed!

International Chefs Day 2023

On International Chefs Day, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the culinary talent within AX Group. Our professional chefs are the heartbeat of our kitchens, infusing passion and creativity into every dish they create. On this day we recognise the dedication and artistry of these talented individuals. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the chefs who bring flavour and innovation to our dining experiences, each with their unique story and style. Join us as we celebrate the unsung heroes behind our delicious meals and gain a glimpse into their culinary world.



Chef Victor Borg – AX Hotels Valletta

Chef Victor Borg embarked on his culinary journey at the age of 15 in Malta and included prestigious stints in Switzerland and London, culminating in the opening of his own renowned restaurant ‘Mange Tout’ before joining Rosselli – AX Privilege. Inspired by the ’80s tourism boom in Malta, Chef Borg’s dedication and resolve led to a fulfilling culinary career. Chef Borg finds it rewarding to see the joy on customers’ faces and in witnessing his student’s progress and growth. With a philosophy rooted in ingredient-driven, seasonal cooking, Chef Borg has created signature dishes like Lasagne ‘Nera’ and White Chocolate Cheesecake. For him, when designing menus, seasonality, ingredient research, diverse choices, and complex flavour layers are paramount factors. His advice to the next generation underlines responsibility, continuous improvement, and enthusiasm for the craft.

For the full story, click here.





Chef Steven Pisani – AX Care

Chef Steven Pisani’s culinary journey began with formal education, progressing from Food Preparation and Production certification to a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts. His studies at I.T.S. and the Paul Bocuse Institute in France opened doors to opportunities in various hotels and restaurants in Malta and abroad, including the prestigious Michelin-starred “Lympstone Manor.” Inspired by his mother’s home-cooked meals from a young age, Chef Pisani considers customer feedback as the source to achieve work satisfaction. His cooking philosophy emphasises the art of creating multisensory meals, transforming simple ingredients into surprising dishes. His signature dish, chicken liver parfait with cider jelly, reflects his attention to precise timing and detail. In the process of designing a menu, his focus is on finding his market niche using local, seasonal ingredients. Chef Pisani’s advice for aspiring chefs is to cultivate their passion and aim high.


Read more.





Chef Joe Xuereb – AX Hotels Sliema

Chef Joe Xuereb’s culinary journey began during his childhood at home, assisting family members at baking sessions and learning along the way. Inspired by baking and early experimentation, he pursued culinary education and interned at the Jersey Channel Islands. He further perfected his skills by working alongside renowned chefs in London and returned to Malta to become an Executive Chef. Joining AX The Palace in 2007, he played a vital role in establishing a new 5-star hotel, heading an Asian restaurant. By cooking with simplicity, he allows natural flavours to really shine through his dishes. When designing a menu he considers various important factors ranging from special requests, seasonality to culture and more. His advice for aspiring chefs is to pursue their culinary dreams with passion and resilience.


For his full story, read here.




Chef Paul Borg – AX Hotels Qawra

Chef Paul Borg’s culinary journey began as a kitchen helper 35 years ago during a summer job, leading to his passion for cooking. He pursued formal culinary education and spent the last two decades leading kitchen teams in various hotels and resorts. His inspiration came from combining passion and creativity. Chef Borg finds daily satisfaction in achieving culinary goals with his team’s support. His cooking philosophy revolves around passion and seasonal ingredients, letting the food inspire the dishes. When designing menus, he considers guest demographics, seasonality, and budget. Summer is his preferred cooking season, and outside the kitchen, he enjoys gardening and caring for his pets. His advice to future chefs: master the fundamentals, stay open to culinary trends, trust your own taste, and be prepared for the demanding yet rewarding culinary journey.


For the full story, click here.





We are truly privileged to hold such talent within our culinary team that takes our valued customers’ and residents’ dining experience to new heights. The delivery of exquisite dining experiences is made possible by the enthusiasm, creativity and perseverance our chefs bring to the table. But we must not forget the talented teams that stand beside them every day – the sous chefs, kitchen staff, and front-of-house teams. Without their team’s steadfast support, our chefs’ gastronomic visions would remain unfulfilled. We extend our appreciation to all who help make our dining experiences possible, from the talented chefs to the dedicated teams behind them. Together, we continue to create signature dishes and memorable dining moments for our guests and residents.



AX Hotels Sliema FO Agents take on The Silent City

On September 16th, we had a chance to explore and learn more about Mdina. Despite living in Malta for a while and having previously visited this popular tourist spot, I was excited to gain deeper insights to better inform our guests.

We gathered at Mdina Gate to start our journey through this ancient city surrounded by imposing walls. Known as “The Silent City” and once the capital of Malta before Valletta took over, Mdina has a unique history.

Even though I had visited many times, I couldn’t help but appreciate the stunning views that continue to attract tourists and even served as a backdrop for productions like “Game of Thrones.” Our guide shared stories about St. Paul’s Cathedral, the famous well, the Roman Villa, and various statues commemorating saints and St. Paul. What fascinated me the most were the noble houses with their distinctive red windows, courtyards, and historic wells. The panoramic views of the nearby cities were truly breathtaking and serene.

We also embraced tradition by visiting the renowned pastizzi shop in Rabat, The Serkin, to savour this Maltese treat.

I’d like to thank the management of AX The Palace and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) for this opportunity. Apart from making new friends, we received valuable information that will help us better serve our guests and, hopefully, exceed their expectations, which is our top priority.

Tourists for the Day: Enhancing Guest Experiences

They say the more you grow, the more you learn. This familiar saying holds true for our front office shift leader at AX Hotels Sliema, Kerr Floyd Subere and his team members. They recently had the opportunity to participate in the MTA cultural tour, and in the upcoming read, we’ll get a glimpse of Kerr’s reflections and takeaways from this intriguing experience.

Here’s what Kerr Floyd had to say:

“The MTA cultural tour proved to be an informative and enjoyable experience for our team. We received a wealth of insights into the history of the three cities and going beyond their architecture to understand their importance in Malta’s history.

Our tour guide made the learning process engaging and fun, and we had the opportunity to meet and connect with new people, allowing us to expand our professional network and form friendships along the way.


One aspect of the tour that particularly stood out was the insight it offered into the various modes of travel in Malta. The ferry, in particular, emerged as an excellent option for exploring the island. This is something we’ll certainly recommend to our hotel guests, especially those interested in learning more about the island’s heritage and resilience.

I want to extend my recommendation for this cultural tour to all my colleagues at AX. It not only enhances our ability to provide a better service but also allows us to go above and beyond in offering guests a richer understanding of Malta’s culture.”

As our employees continue to learn, we enhance the experiences we provide to our guests who visit our beautiful island and stay at our hotels.