Input = Output

Life has taught me many things but above all, experience has taught me certain simplicities which are so logical and have an absolute natural flow. Today’s busy life, unfortunately, doesn’t allow us much time to stop and think. One must really be aware of this, in order to break the cycle, reason things out objectively without interruptions and see clearly the logic in things.


I truly believe that in our workplace, it is all about input and output, in its very literal sense. If we input something wrong in our PC, it will be registered wrongly and consequentially it will be interpreted wrongly too, leading us to wrong decisions and a bad output. Likewise, if we give X amount of energy into what we are working on, it will usually give you back that energy in return, whether it is physical, mental or numerical, in the short or long term. Similarly, if we don’t give the right amount of focus to whatever it is we are working on, we will never reap the energy we expect in return. Input = Output. In my head, it is very clear.


On a different note, what affects us similarly is the ‘input’ we give to ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually. So, logically, if we invest time in stimulating ourselves, mentally, physically or spiritually, we will naturally feel better about ourselves, and consequently, reap the results of that. I look at us as if we were a tank. If the tank is full of bad energy, how can we fill it with good energy? We first need to make space for it, and secondly, start replacing the bad energy with the good energy. This process can never take place if we don’t consciously work hard on it. If we don’t take control of our lives, our lives will take over us. There is no such thing as, my work conditions don’t allow that to happen, or my family needs are too demanding, or the hours, or a ton of other ‘reasons’, which ultimately boil down to excuses. If we REALLY want to take control of our life and how we feel, we just do it. We stop to think and see which are the things we CAN change that can help us achieve this. In this process, we must not stop at the first layer of trial we encounter. One needs to really dig in and uncover all the layers until we come to our true feelings and causes involved. Example: if you would like to really find time for yourself and are not able to find 30mins to yourself every day, one needs to delve into the reasons why. Is it work? What can we do about it?


Find the right people to help you tackle it. Truthfully in my understanding, there are no excuses from whichever level, that inhibit you to find those 30 mins to yourself daily. Surely, solutions can ALWAYS be found, and if you don’t manage to get it daily due to justified causes, then at least you make sure you get that same time on a weekly basis at a stretch, just to yourself. If one problem is presented to us, dig into that problem and try to find solutions. If you find another problem in the process, you again try to find solutions to that new problem. And if you find further problems, you repeat the process, until you find a solution to all the problems you are faced with.


Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS A WAY. On a personal level, same thing. If we are challenged with time due to family commitments, we repeat this same process and see where a compromise can be found. I am a single mum of three children, running multiple businesses in different industries with multiple brands, and like everyone else, I struggle to find time for myself with all the commitments I have that are almost impossible to delegate to, but somehow, I manage. Hence why I speak with conviction and passion about this. Investing time in myself has not only given ME a breath of fresh air, but has also focused my thinking which in turn the company is gaining from. I work extremely long hours too. Once my children are settled at school, they don’t see me before minimum 6pm, but I make sure that I make up for every minute of that time they didn’t find me at home after school, or any other time I had to be missing from home due to a work event. To do that, it takes me a lot of pain staking effort to co-ordinate and plan ahead, but I realize now that if I am not ahead of it, things will get on top of me, and I will never be on top of things.


On the contrary, I understand that I will be right there at the very bottom of that stack of things to do and guilty of not doing, buried in the helpless zone, and to add insult to injury, I would pull my family and my business down with me. Today, I can recognize this very clearly as I have lived it. Hence why I found the urge to share this with you and serve as some inspiration for those of you who feel are feeling stuck in the zone. You don’t need to make radical changes, just an internal change by being conscious of this very fact, the input determines the output.


Should we choose to live life with so much determination, the result of that energy will surely be seen and felt significantly. When we create room for choice, we are happier as we feel that we are part of that choice, and we are masters of our destiny not conditioned by our destiny. If we allow ourselves to make good choices, then we become happier. If we are happier, less anxious and stressed, then we are generally more productive at work as well as in our personal lives. It is a big ripple effect. It starts from within. Being happier also makes us more creative and frees us up to think out of the box. Thus, we facilitate THE change that is needed in this very fast life we are living. This frees us from those walls that sometimes seem to be holding us back.


When we feel fulfilled, everything else around us, within our daily reach, will work in harmony. It has a direct effect. If not immediate, in the short to medium term. The same applies with our nutrition. Not that I am a nutrition expert, by no means, but I now realize that we are literally what we eat, drink, think and breathe. We are a produce of our own making. We can go through life being masters of our destiny. The choice is ours!