Empowering young people personally & professionally at AX Care

Since launching in 2014, AX Care has made a name for itself as one of the finest residential and flexible care service providers in Malta. Central to AX Care’s values is a community spirit that’s built on genuine trust and respect for people. And this isn’t a standard of behaviour that applies to residents and their families only but also to the entire team working across AX Care’s diverse operations, which include Hilltop Gardens, Simblija Care Home, and Revive Physiotherapy and Aquatic Centre.

Overseeing the employee wellbeing and talent recruitment side of the operation is HR Manager Luana Caruana. After completing a degree in Youth and Community Studies, where she trained to work with individuals with substance abuse addiction, Luana went on to read for Master’s degree, where she realised a career in HR was her true calling. “At heart, I am a people person and love to be around people, instilling positivity in their daily lives. So, a career transition into HR was ideal,” she explains.

In her role with AX Care, Luana works to find new and innovative ways to foster an engaging and supportive workplace, where people can find everything they need to build a fulfilling career that promotes wellness, growth, and progress. She is also responsible for recruiting new and promising talent to the business.

“Recruiting for the care sector takes a dedicated approach and that’s because the people we hire have a direct impact on the quality of care we offer our residents. So, first and foremost, I shortlist only the potential candidates who are genuine in their commitment to work in this sector. Over and above the standard qualifications, they need to be able to demonstrate that they can be dedicated to the job and compassionate towards people who are sometimes facing challenging circumstances.”

AX Care is also continuing to invest in young talent, empowering people to grow professionally through ample training and career progression opportunities within the sector. Luana herself works alongside all the teams to better understand what training and support employees need and to point them in the right direction.

“The fact that AX Group is  a large organisation with a well-established name in the Care sector is already an incredible opportunity in itself. I believe that young professionals who are ambitious and entrepreneurial, will quickly understand they are entering a workplace that rewards hard work and values their contributions. We also actively support promising talent as they climb towards positions of greater responsibility in the organisation,” she says.

Key to this upward mobility ethos in the AX Care workplace is a strong belief in the talent, vision, drive, and resourcefulness of young people to bring about the changes they want to see in their lives and careers.

“Throughout my youth and community studies, I found again and again that if you manifest that you believe in people, they will strive to change for the better, no matter how difficult the challenges ahead of them. Ultimately, it all boils down to attitude. You can coach and offer people all the tools they need, but it’s their drive and ambition that will make the difference.

“And this is where my role becomes important. As HR Manager, I strive to be emphatic and supportive in all circumstances, whilst ensuring that the right tools and resources are provided to the employees. Additionally, I believe that creating a positive work culture will only lead to a better mood overall which in turn leads to a more fulfilling job experience. This is why I focus on helping my colleagues see the bigger picture and show them that there is always some sort of solution to most problems. Such an approach can only serve to provide our people with the inspiration and encouragement they need to succeed in both their professional and personal life.”

Luana and her team also implement various initiatives to strengthen AX Care’s teams, ensuring they can thrive all year round. These include organising regular team building events and activities that enable employees to learn new skills while having the opportunity to relax and unwind together. Furthermore, the HR team looks to reward its people through acknowledging improvement and effort, and offering training, coaching, and mentoring.

“I truly believe that listening to our people is essential if we want them to succeed. That’s why we practice an open-door policy and encourage employees to reach out to their managers to discuss their concerns and career goals at any time. Instilling a culture of trust and open dialogue is crucial to building a workplace that fosters empowerment,” Luana explains.

As AX Care continues to grow and expand its operations, it also offers new opportunities for young professionals to join this growing team. What advice can one offer young candidates who are in the process of starting a career in the care sector?

“Working in the care sector can be tough and challenging but also an incredibly rewarding experience. More so when you have an employer like AX Group backing your career journey. With the company successfully operating for the past 44 years, candidates have peace of mind about job security. Furthermore, the Group continues to be innovative and diverse, encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity among all its young professionals. Just look at the future projects the company has announced—there are only bigger and brighter horizons ahead.’’

“So, for those reasons and many others, I strongly recommend AX Care as an employer. If you are ambitious, creative, and have genuine compassion for people, AX Care can offer you a fantastic career with so much to look forward to.”

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