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Tourists for the Day: Enhancing Guest Experiences

They say the more you grow, the more you learn. This familiar saying holds true for our front office shift leader at AX Hotels Sliema, Kerr Floyd Subere and his team members. They recently had the opportunity to participate in the MTA cultural tour, and in the upcoming read, we’ll get a glimpse of Kerr’s […]

Internship Journey: Nurturing Growth & Learning at AX Hotels Sliema

Melissa Ventimiglia, a former Front Office intern at AX The Victoria Hotel, expressed sincere gratitude for the opportunity to complete her internship. In her reflections, she shared the enriching experiences and valuable lessons gained during her time there.   “Malta is a beautiful, welcoming, multiethnic and dynamic island, in which is not possible to be […]

Meet our Interns at the AX Business Centre!

In today’s ever-changing business environment, the role of interns has evolved significantly. This transformation is particularly noticeable at the AX Group Business Centre, where interns are not just participants in day-to-day operations but active contributors to innovation, growth, and success. Meet our interns below!   Shaun Aquilina I am Shaun Aquilina, a 16-year-old student currently […]

Can a CEO’s personal brand pose a threat to a business?

MaltaCEOs.mt speaks to Employer Branding & Employee Communications Strategist Vanessa Camenzuli, and various business leaders about a personal brand’s impact on a business. Read the article here. The article discusses the importance of personal branding for CEOs and business leaders. Personal branding is based on how others perceive an individual’s actions and behaviours over time. […]

Effective and Efficient Communication: The Key to Successful Project Management

As a business transformation manager, the primary objective is to facilitate the transformation of systems and processes in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. This position necessitates close collaboration with various stakeholders, including business leaders, IT teams, and external vendors, to drive and implement changes that enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity, and improve […]

Reflections on a Career in Hospitality

After dedicating 22 years of service to AX Hotels, Charles Portelli bids a fond farewell to his career in hospitality, as he embarks on a well-deserved retirement journey. As Front Office Manager, Charles has become a familiar, friendly face to countless guests, many of whom returned to AX The Victoria to specifically for him.   […]

Front Office Interns at AX Sliema

All the way from the Netherlands, allow us to introduce Dionne Paiesz, Demi Van de Spek, and Nicole Ton Van. Our journey began earlier this year, and during that time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other and we were grateful that we came from the same country, as adjusting to living […]

Scaling Up AX Hotels: The HR Perspective

Joseanne Tanti, Human Resources Manager for AX Hotels, discusses the innovative recruitment and training strategies implemented by the HR team to prepare for the re-opening of the ODYCY hotel. Over the past few years, AX Hotels has entered a new phase of growth and development, characterised by the development of several ambitious hotel and F&B […]